The African Democratic Congress (ADC) is a political party in Nigeria. The party was originally named “Alliance for Democratic Change” when it was formed in 2005, but renamed the African Democratic Congress by the time the party was registered with the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). 

Today, we are millions of supporters strong, leading with our values, fighting for progress, and helping elect upright citizens in every state, Local Government, and Wards.

Our party is stronger today because we are building on a different platform away from the conventional politics played in Nigeria and forging positive solutions that include everyone. As enshrined in the ADC – DNA, we believe that every person in this nation should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that  equal right and substantive minimum wage is a right for all and that we should be rewarding the hard work of middle class families. We believe that the the wealthy should be taxed and we should live in a corrupt free Nation. 

Vision Statement

To consolidate Nigerias democracy beyond (flawed) elections, political rhetoric and theatrics, and usher in super power economy, just and resilient institutions, systems, and processes for a more egalitarian society.


To reengineer a political party system that is free from domination by wheeler-dealer political elites, money bags and god-fathers, through transparency and accountability; as well as propagate inclusion and diversity of values for Women, Youths, Diaspora Network and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)