Our Campaign

1. Quality jobs

Over 40% of Nigerians live in poverty. This isn’t right. ADC would support Nigerian businesses so we buy, make and sell more in Nigeria. This would help to create well-paid, green jobs in the industries of the future.

2. Opportunity for all

Too many people can’t get the training or opportunities they deserve. We’d deliver a jobs-promise for young people with a guarantee of quality education, training or employment.

3. Affordable childcare 

Finding and paying for high-quality child care is an emotional, logistical, and financial tightrope for too many parents, and that needs to change. Working parents shouldn’t have to choose between keeping their kids safe and earning a paycheck. We will make major investments in quality, affordable child care.

4. Investing in the Engines of Job Creation

We believe that the Africa’s largest economy should have one of the best infrastructure system. That’s why we will invest in resilient, sustainable, and inclusive infrastructure. We will launch a clean energy revolution through historic investments in clean energy, clean transportation, energy efficiency, and advanced manufacturing which should in turn translate into job creation.

5. Ending Poverty

ADC remain committed to ending poverty and enabling all Citizens live up to their God-given potential. We will support the 10-20-30 funding approach used in some developed nation, to direct at least 10 percent of  funding to communities where 20 percent or more of the population has been living below the poverty line for 30 years or longer. Directing more  investment to the communities most in need will help create jobs; improve and expand housing; modernize and expand transportation, clean water, wastewater, energy, and broadband infrastructure; and promote shared prosperity.



Our Campaigns

We won’t stop fighting to make Nigeria and Ogun State the best place to grow up in and the best place to grow old in.

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